Rear Axle Systems

AAM Independent Rear Drive Axles (IRDAs) and Rear Drive Modules (RDM) are designed to optimize vehicle packaging and reduce vehicle NVH correlated to OEM vehicle data, they are available in a wide range of sizes, from 115mm / 4.6in (European Design B Segment) to 241mm / 9.5in.

Product Sizes: Features & Benefits: Configurations Include:
  • 140mm / 5.5in
  • 165mm / 6.5in
  • 195mm / 7.6in
  • 218mm / 8.6in
  • 226mm / 8.9in
  • 241mm / 9.5in
  • 250mm / 9.8in
(Ring Gear Diameter)
  • Improved vehicle packaging
  • Mass optimized components, including: PowerLite® aluminum housings, PowerDense® gear sets net-shaped differential gears, extended life seals
  • Multi-lube capability, including PowerFilm® synthetic oil for reduced wear of components
  • Full driveline system integration
  • Potential for partial or full integration into the base vehicle communications system
  • Improved vehicle dynamics compatibility and integration with stability and traction control system
  • Improve vehicle NVH
  • Lab tested and correlated to OEM in-vehicle data
  • Primary drive axles
  • Secondary drive axles
  • Integrated coupling and/or torque tube
  • PowerLite® aluminum housing
  • PowerDense® gear technology
  • High efficiency features
  • EcoTrac™ configurations available
  • Available in various ratios and with TracRite® traction enhancing differentials
  • Integrated AWD coupling and/or torque tube
  • Multiple driveline interface capability
  • Multiple chassis mounting potential
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