EcoTrac™ Disconnecting AWD System

AAM's EcoTrac™ Fuel Economy Optimization System is an All Wheel Drive (AWD) System that provides a fully commandable power delivery without degradation of fuel economy when compared with a Front Drive vehicle. 

AAM's EcoTrac™ AWD System now enables a vehicle manufacturer to offer a crossover vehicle with an all wheel drive option - optimizing fuel economy and emissions performance when compared to the FWD (base) model.

Major advantages of AAM's EcoTrac™ AWD:
  • Maximizes efficiency when AWD is not needed
  • Enhances vehicle control
  • Minimal vehicle integration impact
  • Fully variable AWD torque
  • Parasitic losses greatly reduced
    • Better fuel economy
    • Reduced emissions

EcoTrac™ allows the AWD vehicle to utilize its primary drive system, the front wheels, when AWD is not needed.

When the vehicle senses that AWD may be necessary due to conditions, the system will passively and automatically engage, seamlessly and without disturbance to the driver.

Utilizing a wet clutch in the RDM to gently bring the driveline to proper speed, the PTU will be quickly synchronized and will engage and begin delivering the appropriate amount of torque.

When conditions allow, the vehicle will revert back to an economical mode, conserving fuel and reducing emissions.

EcoTrac™ Architecture Goal » Optimum Fuel Economy

+ 2WD Economy Mode
+ AWD On-Demand Mode


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