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Salaried and Skilled Trade Careers with Team AAM

Team AAM is comprised of the most creative and innovative minds across the globe. We emPOWER our passionate associates to think differently, and create the technologies of tomorrow. We employ associates across a variety of functions and disciplines, all coming together to achieve the same mission: making the future of automotive lighter, smarter, safer and more powerful. 

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What motivates me to think differently is knowing that the most complex problems are only “Simple Problems” in disguise. Break it down!


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No one will ever succeed by working alone. At AAM the spirit of cooperation and teamwork is very strong. Our goal is to make today better than yesterday, and tomorrow better than today.



The new and interesting challenges I face each day are what I enjoy most about working at AAM.



I like the physical and mental challenges on a daily basis. It keeps you going. Time flies!


United States

Working with the cross-functional colleagues all over the world to solve all kinds of problems, to get every project moving forward, to make things happen and to keep the production line running with high efficiency are the most enjoyable parts of my job.



I enjoy working at AAM because of the opportunities to implement new ideas and work together as a team.



I am inspired by working on challenging projects with multiple customers, and by delivering technically superior products that meet stringent customer requirements.



I have the freedom to make decisions and the support of AAM to excel. Working with new programs from concept to actualization is one of the most fulfilling experiences for me. Teamwork is crucial as well. Here at AAM, we work as an exceptional cross-functional team to excel beyond expectations. I truly enjoy my experiences here, there is always an opportunity to learn.


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I keep pushing myself believing there’s always some way to do things better.



The most satisfying part of my job is being able to add value for the team.



In my plant, we work as a team. If I can help you "win", I "win" too! I've never worked with more intelligent people - I have to run to keep up! With the hours we've spent together, a lot of my coworkers are like family.


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I am part of a tight-knit group that works together to find solutions. There is nothing more satisfying then coming up with an innovative solution to a challenging engineering problem.


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I enjoy working at AAM because it gives me the opportunity to enhance my skills and knowledge by working in a challenging environment.



I am powered to excel in my job with defined goals and team direction. I get satisfaction out of my job because of the continuing learning and challenging work. Having the opportunity to learn and develop my technical skills motivates me to help others excel at their job. I love what I do, and I have fun doing it.



I am POWERED to excel at my job by working with a successful management team with quality leadership skills. AAM has a culture of training and communicating with coworkers and helping each other strive for continuous improvements. I appreciate getting critical decision-making projects I can own that make a positive impact on the company. I get satisfaction from my job knowing that I did my best for our customers.


United States

I love that no one day is ever the same at AAM. I want to offer everyone visiting TTC and our facility here in Trollhättan, Sweden excellent service and support. I try to spread positivity and creativity in the work environment to ensure that everyone feels important and needed, that’s a part of my daily job! It’s exciting to be part of a global organization that makes every day feel like a journey in which I have the opportunity to learn something new and meet interesting colleagues from all over.



I am motivated by the challenges of working in manufacturing.



Coaching other associates to succeed in their work empowers me to excel.



I enjoy the confidence of my managers giving me the opportunity to take on new challenges on my own. I also love the great relationships with customers and coworkers that make me feel part of the AAM family.



As an engineer, I am really inspired by the AAM commitment to technology. To be part of advancing manufacturing and developing assembly technology with the talented  ATDC associates motivates me to bring my “A Game” every day.


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