Casting starts here


Full-service casting supplier with complete design, engineering, testing and manufacturing capabilities 

With roots going back nearly 100 years, AAM is a global leader in casting technology and the world’s largest supplier of ductile iron. Our castings range from 1 to 2,000 pounds and include highly complex and safety critical designs.  With quality monitoring, testing and verification to ensure all our products meet and exceed industry and customer standards, machining capabilities for aluminum, iron and steel components, and strategically located facilities within convenient shipping range of our primary markets, AAM is committed to leading the way in casting technology.

Our casting product offerings include:
  • Thin wall castings
  • High strength ductile iron
  • Differential cases and carriers
  • Bearing caps
  • Engine brackets
  • Axle carriers and tubes
  • Knuckles and control arms
  • Turbine housings
  • Brake calipers and anchor brackets

    Casting Product Portfolio