AAM's 3-in-1 E-Drive System

More Compact. More Powerful. More Ready to Go.


AAM’s highly integrated, high speed e-drive units deliver remarkable improvements over the competition.

Targeted benefits:

  • >25% reduction in mass*
  • >40% reduction in packaging space*
  • >40% improvement in power density*
  • World class efficiency and NVH

*For comparable power levels


Vehicle Architectures

With a scalable and modular product portfolio, AAM can provide P3 and P4 electric drive units with the features and power levels to serve a wide range of vehicle segments and electric propulsion architectures.

P3 Architecture Sport Car v2

P3b Hybrid Architecture

P4 Split Axle Chevy Traverse

P4 Split Axle Hybrid Architecture


P4 RWD Architecture

Cruise Origin.136

P4 AWD MPV Architecture


P4 AWD Architecture

P4 Architecture FWD BSegment Encore v2

P4 FWD Architecture

P4 Architecture AWD No Inverters v2

P4 Architecture AWD


P4 4WD Architecture


P4 4WD HD Architecture


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