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Published on April 27, 2021

AAM’s EcoTrac PTU Featured on Ford Bronco Sport

DETROIT, April 27 2021 – American Axle & Manufacturing’s high-performance Power Transfer Unit (PTU) is featured on the new Ford Bronco® Sport SUV. The PTU, which is also featured on the Ford Edge and Lincoln Nautilus, is part of AAM’s family of EcoTrac® Disconnecting AWD solutions, which include disconnecting PTUs, multi-piece driveshafts, rear drive modules with electronic control units and torque transfer devices.

The PTU is the heart of the Bronco Sport’s intelligent AWD, which uses sensors to constantly monitor traction and assist the driver through difficult weather and challenging road conditions. It transfers torque between the front and rear driveline to enhance handling and helps maximize traction.

AAM supplies both an air-cooled and liquid-cooled PTU for Bronco Sport. AAM’s air-cooled PTU is equipped on Base, Big Bend™ and Outer Banks™ models of the Bronco Sport. Badlands™ and First Edition feature AAM’s liquid-cooled PTU. The off-road duty cycle drives the need for a liquid-cooled PTU.

Located on a vehicle’s transmission, the PTU directs power to the rear-drive module (RDM) via the driveshaft when torque is needed. When only front wheel drive is required, AAM’s PTU disconnects and stops spinning the driveshaft no longer sending power to the RDM. Less spinning helps increase efficiency and reduces emissions while still providing enhanced safety when needed.

AAM introduced the industry’s first disconnecting AWD system in late 2013. Since then AAM has supplied over three million disconnecting AWD units that help make vehicles safer, smarter and more efficient.

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