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Published on March 23, 2016

AAM showcases newest driveline technologies at Winter Test 2016

DETROIT, March 23, 2016  -- American Axle & Manufacturing Holdings, Inc. (AAM), which is traded as AXL on the NYSE, today announced the completion of its 2016 Winter Test activities. In a series of events that began in late January, the company's annual Winter Test is a global customer technology showcase and driving event held at proving grounds in Brimley, Michigan (USA) and Arjeplog, Sweden. The 2016 events featured AAM's expanded fleet of 16 demonstration vehicles for customers to test and drive the performance of AAM's latest mechanical and electric driveline technologies in the most extreme conditions.

"Winter Test is more than testing and validating our components and systems. It's also an opportunity to invite customers from around the world to experience our latest technologies from the most important seat in the house: behind the wheel," said AAM Chairman and CEO David C. Dauch. "AAM's fleet of demonstration vehicles showcases our commitment to technology leadership and our ability to provide innovative solutions for our customers' needs today and for the future."

AAM's 2016 Winter Test activities included 20 global winter test demonstration events for OEM representatives to attend drive and learn programs, technology demonstrations and track events in a hands-on environment. A total of 16 vehicles, equipped with AAM's mechanical and electric driveline technologies were tested in extreme cold temperatures on multiple ice, snow and handling tracks.

Some of the key technologies featured in AAM's 2016 Winter Test include:

  • e-AAMTM Hybrid and Electric Driveline Systems. AAM's hybrid and electric technologies deliver increased fuel efficiency, decreased tail pipe emissions and improvements in dynamic safety, acceleration and eAWD traction. In addition, when equipped with AAM's eTorque Vectoring solution, a modular system that can provide up to 1200 Nm differential torque across the full vehicle speed range, customers were able to experience AAM's "true torque vectoring" at all vehicle speeds, offering a competitive systems advantage.
  • QUANTUM™ Lightweight Axles and Drive Units. AAM's latest mechanical driveline innovation is an all-new, completely redesigned family of lightweight axles and drive units. AAM's Advanced Engineering team has developed a revolutionary axle and drive unit design that achieves significant mass reduction (up to 35%), increases fuel economy and efficiency and is scalable across multiple applications—all with no loss of performance or power and while streamlining the manufacturing process for these key driveline components.

"Our e-AAM hybrid and electric driveline systems provide our customers solutions to achieve CO2 and fuel economy requirements, but are also very effective in adding customer value through improved driver confidence and overall driving experience. And QUANTUM, our newest axle, is at the forefront of the innovation curve when it comes to mass reduction, improved efficiency, durability and vehicle performance," said AAM Vice President – Driveline Product Engineering and Chief Technology Officer, Philip R. Guys. "AAM is powering the future of both mechanical and electric driveline technologies, and the overwhelming positive responses from our OEM customers at 2016 Winter Test further cements our position as a technology leader in the industry."

Other product technologies featured in AAM's 2016 Winter Test fleet include: AAM's first-to-market EcoTrac® disconnecting all-wheel drive system; VecTrac™ torque vectoring rear-drive modules; and the TracRite® portfolio of traction-enhancing differentials, including our range of electronic limited slip differential (eLSD) products.

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