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AAM’s Phil Guys Shares Insight, Challenges Future Engineers as Keynote speaker at ATC

Published on October 27, 2017

American Axle & Manufacturing’s Chief Technology Officer, Phil Guys, shared his insight on the exciting time ahead as engineers innovate, create, test and build the latest technologies for the ever-changing, fast-paced automotive market. Guys was a featured keynote speaker at the 2017 Americas Altair Technology Conference East, which took place recently in downtown Detroit.

ATC features Altair's latest innovations in simulation technology along with presentations from leading companies who are exploring how simulation continues to be driven by current disruptive trends, including additive manufacturing, big data and the internet of things.

Guys’ presentation titled ‘Competing to Win in an Unpredictable World’ explored the rapidly changing world, the evolving automotive industry and how companies like AAM can react to those shifts. 

“Our next focus is on effectively digitizing our entire operations,” Guys said. “Many people refer to it as ‘Industry 4.0’ and this concept is a key enabler for more efficient operations and increased speed to market.”

Simulation is a significant element of AAM’s move to Industry 4.0. The company has established a platform to consolidate all program data into a common system that allows AAM engineers to share and build off of “one common source of truth.”

“When we started the development of an analytical tool, the typical run time was several days and a typical closed loop development cycle was several weeks,” said Guys. “With extensive software and process development, today we can run multiple simulations, evaluating temperature, operating speed and orientation and generate a high-confidence, completed design in less than one week.”

As AAM and the auto industry continue to move toward digitization and begin to see more and more major disruptors, Guys challenged the audience to be a significant part of this exciting time.

“The pace of innovation is accelerating, with information moving freer and faster between us, with new development tools at our disposal, more capable computers to generate feedback faster and more accurately than ever, and at lower costs than ever as well,” Guys said.  “It is you the engineer who is able to leverage these incredible assets and turn them into fantastic innovations and value creation for the rest of us.”


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