AAM’s TracRite® Differentials Help New GMC HUMMER EV Conquer the Road

Durable, Proven Technology Improves Traction, Handling, Stability and Performance

Published on November 5, 2021

DETROIT, Nov. 5, 2021 – American Axle & Manufacturing’s TracRite® differentials are key in delivering power and performance for the 2022 GMC HUMMER EV. Designed to conquer tough obstacles and terrain, the supertruck features an AAM TracRite EL Electronic Locking Front Differential.

Just like conventional powertrains, many electric vehicles use a single electric motor to drive both wheels on an axle.  AAM’s TracRite differentials efficiently distribute the power generated by the electric drive motor to the left and right wheels. AAM’s industry-leading technology also provides additional features that add to performance and improve passenger experience in this growing vehicle segment.

“AAM’s TracRite EL Electronic Locking Differential is a workhorse differential that delivers power from the electric motor on the road and has the capability to increase traction off road,” said David C. Dauch, AAM Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. “AAM’s long history with industry-leading driveline systems coupled with award-winning EV technology enables differential technology that enhances the experience for drivers looking for exceptional vehicle performance both on and off road.”

The GMC HUMMER EV features AAM’s electronically controlled, driver-selectable locking TracRite differential. Complementing the virtual locking of the 2-motor rear axle, the system has the capability to lock both front wheels so that they turn at the same speed. Up to 100 percent of available torque can be sent to either of the front wheels for maximum traction capability and fully synchronized e4WD propulsion.

AAM’s family of TracRite differentials offer improved vehicle traction, handling, stability, performance and cost-competitive vertical integration. From TracRite Open to TracRite eLS Electronic Limited Slip, AAM’s family of differentials help deliver power to all vehicle segments.