Power Through Our People

The POWER of AAM starts with our people. We are committed to recruiting and retaining the sharpest, most creative minds in the industry, and providing them with a resource-rich environment that encourages and emPOWERs them to translate their ideas into game-changing reality. Together, our team works hard to deliver the POWER that moves the world. Read on to learn more about what POWERs our associates.

What I love most about being an engineer is putting solutions in place and seeing the positive impact they have on production. It is rewarding to implement engineering solutions that improve our process as well as our profitability. Being an engineer requires you to be an excellent problem solver!




I am Bringing a sustainable Future Faster by helping to engineer solutions that minimize our impact on the environment, whether it be helping plants to eliminate waste streams or reducing our greenhouse gas emissions.



headshot_Eric Harrington

I develop processes to build AAM's unique platform Electric Drive Unit (EDU), which requires unique solutions! Our high speed, single speed gearbox and 3-in-1 compact design pushes the manufacturing team to think outside the box so the EDU can fit in it.



James Derr

I am working to upgrade our current equipment, set up new equipment and continue moving forward with advanced automation.  AAM Metal Forming has a bright future and will see continuous improvement and higher efficiencies in press and hammer forged parts.



jt_Jeff Taylor

Being engineer is - adding value to product, being a creator, and being an innovator. There is great satisfaction to being a creator.



Pramod Lad

My team works on the electrification projects for global and commercial vehicles and ensures that all the components are packaged within the available space, the design is optimal and all the drawings are right the first time. Design and drawings are the starting point for any program and I ensure that all aspects are taken care of during the initial stage of design. This helps to bring the design into reality faster.



subodh_Subodh Dube

I love the fact that my designs at AAM deliver power through Michigan winters to everyone from my daughter's first SUV (with our PTU) to an AMG capable of dominating the Nuernberg Ring.



Tejas Desai

Engineers work with smart people to solve interesting problems. It’s really satisfying to figure something out that wasn’t known before.



Colleen Cochrane

I am always looking for new and innovative ways to improve my surroundings. No improvement is too small if it improves the quality of life for the company or our associates!



Carlie Moon

I started my career at AAM as a mechatronics test engineer, getting to work directly on many of our cutting-edge technologies. Now my team and I are Bringing the Future Faster by utilizing our knowledge of mechatronics to help guide AAM as we move forward with our push into electrification.




As an engineer, I like the fact that every day in this profession is different and opens up new opportunities to explore the world of engineering. Each day brings new problems to be solved, which allows for continuous improvement and keeping an open mind, because each problem is different and specific. I am most proud of SCADA for ePLUS, I created its outline, defined its structure and characteristics and finally put it into production. Initially, this SCADA worked in five different countries to form a coherent whole, then it was adapted to the production line on site. We recently had a customer visit with this amazing car with our product inside, I am really proud to know what work has been put into this project and that we have a part in it. This note above is, in my opinion, a sufficient argument to start studying engineering, when you get up in the morning you don't go to work because you have to, but because you like. What can be summed up with the sentence, if you do what you like, you never go to work :)



Michal Ogrodnik

As a #TeamAAM engineer, I am Bringing the Future Faster by designing and implementing efficient processes to bring our gears to the EV frontlines.




I am lucky to be on the team building and showcasing our Electric Drive Technology demonstration vehicles. Taking our demo vehicles for testing in extreme conditions as well as showing them off to our customers is how I help AAM Bring the Future Faster!



IMG_1381_Greg Woodside

As a #TeamAAM engineer I am Bringing the Future Faster by improving processes and standardization for our associates to increase productivity and efficiency.



Kara Wandrie

As a #TeamAAM automation engineer, it is part of my responsibility to implement Factory 4.0 practices. Those practices include automated bin picking systems, deep learning computer vision systems and network based traceability. I am proud to be able to work on projects that can bring new and exciting engineering and manufacturing techniques to AAM!



Tavin_Ardell_Tavin Ardell

I like to know how and why things work and see if I can improve that performance, faster, cheaper, better quality.
I am proud to be contributing to making today's vehicles better every day, with more quality control and safer for the end customer.
the love of engineering comes from my family, my father is an engineer, and he always pushed me towards that part of creativity and knowledge and interest in knowing why things work.




Nestor Rogelio Gasca

I am Bringing the Future Faster by coming up with innovative actuation and clutch solutions to address the unique needs of the AAM electrification strategy and needs of our customers.



SP_Pitch_Shawn Proctor (1)

I love learning how things work and figuring out how long they last. How can we test what we have made? I love figuring that out. I am most proud of working on the REE 3 in 1 EDU program. It is very challenging, and allows for many opportunities to learn. Students should pursue a career in engineering because it is a career that is ever changing and you will never stop learning. No day will be the same as the last.




I am Bringing the Future Faster by working with a great team of Świdnica Manufacturing Facility associates on new product launches like our electrification programs and improving our current production programs.



IMG_20201004_133110_Tomasz Stepien

I am Bringing the Future Faster by ensuring predictability, security, consistency, stability, repeatability and efficiency.



Jose Balderas