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Frequently Asked Questions

Who would be my first point of contact for questions?

Your Buyer is your first point of contact if you are unable to find the answer to your question in this document or in one of the job aids. Your Sales Representative / Account Manager should know the AAM Buyer’s name.

Can I use the same link, user ID and Password to access both AAM’s Quality (AAM Online) and iSupplier systems?

We are evaluating the ability of the Quality system utilizing a single point log on (as is the plan for the remainder of our applications), but for now you must use the correct link ID and password for each system as follows:

Quality System (AAM Online):

iSupplier Portal:

What features are available in AAM Online?

This is where Suppliers will find and submit PPAP requests, review and reply to PRR’s (Problem Reporting and Resolution) and review their Supplier Scorecard. If you would like to request access, contact your Buyer.

What features are available in iSupplier Portal?

iSupplier Portal is where Suppliers will find Release and Pull information, Payment Status, eRFQ (electronic RFQ’s), Specifications and Bulletins, Manuals, etc. It is AAM’s information repository for Suppliers. If you would like to have access, please contact your SSC (see Question below for answers on SSC).

Who is my SSC and what does it stand for?

SSC stands for "Supplier Security Coordinator". This is the person within your company that controls access to AAM’s iSupplier portal for your company’s associates. If you do not know who has that responsibility in your company, you can contact your Buyer or email

What if I am being told by AAM that my company does not have a SSC?

That would mean your company is not yet set up for iSupplier access. Please fill out "Supplier System Security Coordinator Registration" along with the "Supplier Data Transmission Agreement" form in the Access Request Forms section on the left panel of this page for instructions on gaining access to iSupplier Portal.

Is there a job aid for the SSC?

There are two; one on how to add users and grant or remove users’ access to responsibilities, and one to help them understand which jobs should be assigned what responsibilities. Both job aids are sent to the SSC when first granted their username and password. If the SSC no longer has these documents, they can request the forms from the Customer Care Center ( or your Buyer.

Can my company have more than one SSC?

You can and should have a backup SSC. Fill out the “Supplier Security Coordinator Registration” form (located in the Access Request Forms section) and note on the form that it is for a backup (or second) SSC.

Our SSC is no longer in our Company. Can we sign up for a new one?

If your SSC is no longer with your Company (or in a different division), you can use the “Supplier Security Coordinator Registration” form to have the previous SSC removed and replaced. That form is found in the Access Request Forms section on the left panel of this page.

Is there a job aid for me to find my company’s latest payment status?

Accounts Payable developed a job aid that allows you to look up and extract all payment information from iSupplier Portal. That job aid is located in the Bulletins and Specifications page within iSupplier Portal.

I cannot see the PO and shipments for one or more of our sister plants. Why is that?

Plants in different countries have different tax ID’s, and AAM has to set them up as separate Companies for tax purposes. The same applies to companies that have more than one division; each division has their own tax ID.

My Company changed names and now I can not see the new PO’s that I received in my email box. Why is that?

Most name changes require AAM to set up a new Company for tax reporting reasons. That means you need to have a SSC set up for the new Company. Quality and EDI will also have to be addressed. Simply request that your Buyer provide you with the “Consolidated Supplier Entry Form”. Complete the form and return it to your Buyer.

I need to reset my password. Who should I contact?

If you are a SSC then you need to contact the Customer Care Center(, your Buyer has their number, if you no longer have it). If you are a user, but not the SSC, then your SSC can reset your password.

My Company is set up for the old Pull system; only the person that was in charge of Pulls is no longer with the company. Can you reset their password and forward it to me?

Unfortunately, we can only forward the password to the user of the record. If your Company hasn’t already gained access to iSupplier Portal, now would be a good time. You will then be able to manage your own users, ID’s, and passwords.

I received my job aid but not my ID and password.

Have your Email System Admin add as a trusted email provider. This will prevent automatic emails from getting caught in your spam filter.

How can I get the PO and or releases sent to my mail box?

Have your Email System Admin setup a mail box named and grant you access to it. Provide this mailbox id to your buyer to have PO’s directed to it.