Damper Repair


AAM has over 50 years experience in the field of damper repair and provides the most comprehensive service for all makes and types of viscous dampers.(Holset Viscous Dampers)

We offer the following services:

  • In-house damper repair up to approx. 1500 mm diameter
  • On-site repair worldwide for viscous dampers over 1500 mm diameter
  • Emergency service / repair 7 days a week
  • Emergency repair for standard dampers within 24 hours
  • Re-conditioned dampers can be certified for Classification Societies on request.
  • Our team of technical experts offers advise and help, and will be delighted to discuss your project.

Handling Large Dampers

Eyebolt holes (3 or 4) are provided in the damper flange to move damper in horizontal position such as removing from packing case. A soft sling (rope, leather, etc.) through the central bore of the damper can be used to change the damper from horizontal position to vertical.

When the damper is vertical, sling guides can be fixed and wire slings passed under the damper before temporally resting the damper on wood supports.

After passing wire slings around the damper between guides as shown in the drawing the soft sling may be changed to wire sling for mounting on the crankshaft flange.

Selection of rope or wire sizes will be determined by damper weight and local safety regulations.

damper repair-1
Damper failure resulting from lack of sample analysis – Even up to this point the bearings can be replaced using AAM's expertise.
damper repair-2
Conversion of Lead Bronze bearing to PTFE.
damper repair-3
Machining inertia ring to remove bearing damage and to prepare a perfect surface that will ensure optimum damper performance.



damper repair-4
Case cover conversion.
damper repair-5
Re-assembly, using technically superior material which will greatly extend the operating life of the damper.
damper repair-6
Fully rebuilt ready for pressure and vacuum testing.



damper repair-7
The damper is now totally reconditioned and meets the latest technical specification. It is effectively, as new.