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Quantum® Beam Axles

The POWER to redesign the standard


How do you build an axle that increases fuel economy through weight reduction and efficient improvements, without affecting performance and power or increasing production space and cost – all with zero compromises and no trade-offs?

To get this kind of performance, our engineers had to reinvent every aspect of the axle. Utilizing next generation axle design, over a dozen patents and patent applications, and industry-first technology, we’ve made a quantum leap in axle technology. We’ve made QUANTUM®– a lighter, more efficient, sturdier axle that can do more with less in any vehicle.

QUANTUM beam axles are scalable and can be used on heavy-, medium or light-duty RWD based pickups. This workhorse and lightweight axle results in increased vehicle payload capacity. It is up to 35 percent lighter and up to 30 percent more efficient when compared to a traditional axle.


Features & Benefits
  • Lightweight & Efficient Beam Axle
  • Optional TracRite® Locking Differential
  • Up to 35% lighter than a typical axle
  • Up to 30% improvement in efficiency
  • Improved vehicle traction
  • Increased vehicle payload capacity
  • Scalable across multiple applications